Church Rebuilding Efforts

A Special "Thank You" for the many contributions from various surrounding churches

We have been blessed to have the opportunity to resurrect these cherished items from St. Maurice Church into our "new and improved" Our Lady of Lourdes Church. We are indebted to the archdiocese of New Orleans, Fr. Joe (pastor of St. David Church), as well as the gracious parishioners of St. David Church and the fellow St. Maurice Church parishioners. These wonderful gifts will allow us to have a beautiful place of worship once again. We are fortunate to have the ability to restore these items and welcome them into our new church building. We are extremely grateful and appreciative. This beautiful marble altar will hold our new tabernacle perfectly.

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Mary, Queen of Peace Church in Mandeville donated their large wooden altar and altar furnishings when they dedicated their new church in 2008. They also hoped to donate their pews for us to have as well. Unfortunately, the cost to restore these pews and fit them into our worship space, made this cost prohibitive. It would cost us slightly more to purchase new pews, that will fit our new church perfectly, than to restore their donated pews. We are grateful to Fr. Calkins and the parishioners of Mary, Queen of Peace for their gifts. We are restoring their large mahogany wooden altar, which matches the donated podium, lectern and altar chairs. These will be a very welcomed addition to our newly rebuilt church.

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